This programme is designed specifically for grade 0 , 00 and grade R students. We work with the following facets:
Direction, Balance, Spatial Orientation, Eye-hand Co-ordination, Eye-foot Co- ordination, Movability and Fluidity, Ground work. Classes are taught in a disciplined but friendly and fun manner. This programme provides a fantastic first step for children, in the event they wish to take their training further on the Martial Art journey.

“Little Ninja” assessments take place 3 times a year for the children, but this is also dependent on their regular attendance (85% attendance required to be eligible to grade)

Please note that we only send children to grading if we believe them to be ready. Children are ready according to criteria for their first assessment after about 6 – 8 weeks. Thereafter assessments are roughly every 3 and a half months.

It is important to note that on  this programme, the emphasis on the assessment is not on passing or failing, it is about acknowledging the progress of the child. It is done in a very uplifting manner.

The assessments are less formal, but still disciplined and fun at the same time. There are 8 levels which constitute this group’s progress until they reach grade one. They are in the form of thick ribbons that get sewn onto the belts. (Levels: RED, YELLOW, ORANGE, GREEN, BLUE, PURPLE, SILVER and GOLD)

All assessments are done with a panel of experienced instructors. The children will only be asked to demonstrate what they have already learned. This is done as a group and takes about 30 minutes. The children are then taken separately by the individual assessors and they will go through a few things that they can improve and work on. All our coaches have a very positive approach with assessments. They will then award the children their next level as well as their certificate with their new grade.

We do our best for convenience to always grade the children in their normal class times and venues. Parents are welcome to attend the assessments to support their children.

From grade 1, the children will then fall into a new grading system. Dependent on there progress in the pre- primary grades, they do not necessarily have to start from white belt again( This will be determined by a grading panel).They will then progress through various colour belts with levels on each belt.


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