History of Karate

Very little is known about the history of Karate before it appeared in Okinawa. One theory is it came from India over a thousand years ago and was brought to China.

With trade agreements between Okinawa and China, Chinese families settled on the islands and influenced the ‘Empty hand’ fighting style of the native islanders.

The Art of karate has changed through the decades by the influence of various Masters.

Jerome Petersen and Terry-lynn Hawtrey have both been studying the art of Karate for over 35 years each.

What we teach in the karate division

There are hundreds of techniques that can be taught in this division. We however focus on the very practical striking and kicking techniques. Emphasis is placed on good posture and a defensive guard.
Good technique is always important and speed and power will gradually be built from this. Striking pads and striking bags are used a great deal for the practical application. Blocking and defensive techniques are taught from the beginning of ones training. Blocks are initially taught in a stylised form for good co-ordination and solid technique and then evolve into free style blocking.
Stances are short for good movability and quick reaction. We do not work with stylised long stances. Reflex training also forms an important part of this division and is worked with from the beginning of one’s training.


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